Survey purpose and privacy notice

Upper-limb prostheses can be difficult to use due to many reasons. Researchers at the University of Bath are working on developing a system to improve the control of upper-limb prostheses. Including the users in the design process enables for more effective solutions to be implemented. Therefore, the aim of this study is to understand the users’ perspective on some aspects of prostheses use and get their opinion on proposed design features.

Upon completion of this survey, you will be invited to register your interest in further involvement in the research through a link. This includes participation in video interviews, lab testing of prototype devices and home testing of prototype devices. You can choose whichever of the activities you are interested in or none.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the researchers working on this project:

Researcher: Leen Jabban (

Supervisors: Dr Benjamin Metcalfe (, Dr Ben Ainsworth ( and Dr Dingguo Zhang (

Psychology Research Ethics Committee contact:

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

Please read the following statements carefully and choose if you agree with them or not.
I am over 18 years old.
I am an upper-limb amputee.
I have received enough information about the project to make a decision about my participation.
I understand the nature and purpose of the procedures involved in this project. These have been communicated to me on the information sheet accompanying this form.
I understand that the University of Bath may use the data collected for this study in future research project(s) but that the conditions on this form under which I have provided the data will still apply.
I understand the data I provide will be treated as confidential, and that no identifying information will be stored in relation to the survey responses.
I agree to the University of Bath keeping and processing the data that I provide during the course of this study and my consent is conditional upon the University complying with its duties and obligations under the Data Protection Act
I hereby fully and freely consent to my participation in this project.
I agree with all of the above statements