Welcome to the information and registration page for the Community rugby injury surveillance and prevention (CRISP) projects. 

About the Project

The project is managed by a team at the University of Bath and is funded by the RFU as part of the RugbySafe research programme to understand the injury profile of English community rugby. The Project team have now been collecting injury information for 13 seasons in the adult men’s game and have integrated women’s teams into the project since 2021-22. The team are now keen to expand this research on a greater scale into the women’s and age grade games.

More information about community rugby injury research and previous season reports are available at: https://keepyourbootson.co.uk/rugbysafe-toolkit/research/

Participating teams are requested to begin injury recording from the first match of the season with the following information:

  • Brief details on age, weight and height for 1st team squad players and individual consent from each player (and parents for age grade players).
  • Brief details for the team’s matches over the season (score, weather, opponents)
  • Further details on any team match injuries (for example, playing position, time during the match, type of injury and how it was sustained).

Teams are provided with a standardised injury reporting system and are encouraged to regularly update the system with the match and injury information. Participating teams will receive a report of their team’s match injuries compared with the averages for teams of a similar playing level.

Registering your team

Please choose one of the options below to register your team into the project

If you would like to register a team in more than one of the groups below, start with the highest group you would like to enter a team into; there will be an option at the end of each page to move onto one of the next groups down. (Eg, you can access the Women's, School and Club age grade pages from the Men's team page and the School and Club age grades pages from the Women's team page etc).