Page 1: Application to attend the Sandpit - please supply all information requested ... page 1 is the only page, so it's a very short form! First round applications will be accepted until 30 March.

Applications are invited to attend a research sandpit, bringing together researchers from a wide range of disciplines around the topic of ‘Global Challenges in Energy and Healthcare’ to establish and develop research collaborations and specific project proposals, that will be ready to apply directly to impending funding schemes. 

An initiative of the GW4 Universities (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter) “Building Communities” activity, the Sandpit will be held over two days with twenty-five participants in residence at the Limpley Stoke Hotel ( overnight on Thursday April 20th

Please complete the very short application form below to assist the organisers in selecting appropriate participants.

This will be used to provide other attendees with a link to your biographical information.  It is not required, but is highly desirable.

Just a brief but descriptive phrase, e.g. engineering related to healthcare / international development / human geography / materials for energy harvesting etc.

It does not matter if you don't consider yourself an expert in either Energy, or Healthcare, as broad themes, instead if you can list expertise that might feed into a team developing a proposal in one or both areas, that could be useful.  See the international attendees profiles as examples.

It would be preferred if all attendees were able to give their full attention to the Sandpit for these two days, but we do appreciate that this isn't always possible.

HOWEVER, it will not be easy to "dropin/dropout", so it would be appreciated if you could endeavour to attend at least two sessions, preferably three

a.11.a. If you answered "no" to the above, please indicate which of the following sessions you could attend:
12.12. Are you able to remain in residence overnight on Thur 20th? Required

Answering 'no' won’t invalidate your application, but is required for hotel booking and planning.