Page 1: Online application for an IMI Fellowship

What is an IMI Research Fellowship?

  • The Institute of Mathematical Innovation (IMI) Fellowships enable strategic focus of research as well as assist in bringing enhanced mathematical innovation into data-rich research fields.

  • Research Fellows (RFs) are Bath academics from across the mathematical spectrum in all departments, including those wanting to develop a deeper mathematical aspect to their research.

  • The Fellowship programme gives researchers a platform to develop and/or receive support for their ideas around mathematical innovation.

  •  IMI will assist its Fellows with:

o   Developing a long-term research strategy, including further grant capture and impact.

Increasing the competitiveness of major funding proposals and enhancing the effectiveness of funded projects by contributing: financial enhancement, mathematical research support, operational and technical support, and engagement with external partners 

  • The RF scheme is open to academics at all career stages (L/SL/R/Prof) across campus.

  • The initial tenure is for 18 months with six-monthly light-touch reporting and the option to extend if leveraged research income is obtained.

What are the benefits of an IMI research fellowship?

  • Fellows may work with one of IMI’s Mathematical Innovation Research Associates (MIRAs) to help develop the mathematical aspect of a grant submission, provided they cost in the MIRA’s time into the submission to help deliver this component of the grant.

  • Fellows can apply for a financial contribution into grants submitted (e.g. additional travel or visitor funds, running a workshop, extending the length of a postdoc, purchase of computing equipment etc.), awarded on successful grant capture.

  • Fellows can write into grant applications administrative support from the IMI for research activities (e.g. coordinating a workshop or congress).

  • Fellows may receive additional strategic support to develop their large grant application(s) or industrial research project(s), e.g. helping with impact, connecting to industry, attracting other resources to proposal submissions.

  • Fellows’ grant-funded projects will be described on the IMI web pages thereby increasing visibility, impact and growth of successful projects. The IMI will continue to help RFs with successful grant capture to leverage follow-on-funding, impact and other opportunities.