Page 1: Applying for an IMI Research Fellowship

Fellowship purpose

The IMI fellowship gives you the opportunity to accelerate your research ambitions where mathematical innovation plays a fundamental underlying role. The fellowship will give you access to a number of additional financial opportunities, resources and support mechanisms that will help you move your research vision further and faster. The fellowship is open to academics at all career stages (L/SL/R/Prof) at the University of Bath; specifically, individuals or groups of researchers on campus who are either:

  • already engaged in a productive collaboration, involving both mathematicians and academics from other disciplines, working on interdisciplinary, industrial and/or impact-driven research;

  • or, who wish to pursue mathematical research in the context of knowledge exchange, internationalisation and/or postdoctoral training.

Benefits of an IMI Research Fellowship

  • Work with an IMI Mathematical Innovation Research Associate (MIRA) to develop the mathematical aspect of a proposal, provided MIRA time is costed into the submission to deliver this component of the project.

  • Apply for a financial contribution (e.g. towards travel or visitor funds, undergraduate researchers, co-funding PhDs, running a workshop, extending the length of a postdoc, purchase of computing equipment etc.) to add value to a proposal.

  • Administrative support from the IMI for activities such as coordinating a workshop or congress.

  • Proposal development support for large grants or industrial research projects, e.g. helping with impact, connecting to industry, attracting other resources to proposal submissions.

  • Increased visibility for Fellows and their externally-funded projects via the IMI website.