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The purpose of this questionnaire is to develop a clearer understanding of religious indoctrination.  The questionnaire arises from the work of Dr Janet Goodall and Ms Joy Cranham, in the Department of Education, at the University of Bath.

Thank you for agreeing to participate.  Once you have submitted your responses on a given page and clicked through to the next page, you will not be able to go back to previous pages.  If at anytime throughout the survey, you wish to cease participating, you can do so simply by closing the page.  Your responses will not be recorded.  Once your response have been submitted, you will not be able to withdraw because all responses are anonymised and the researchers would not be able to locate your responses among them. 

This questionnaire is about religious experience as a child and an adult.  Some people may find this topic upsetting.  If at anytime you wish to withdraw from this study, you may do so.  

If this has been distressing for you, there are several charities and organisations who can support you; among these are:

Family Survival Trust ; 

International Cultics Studies Association ,

Open Minds Foundation

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