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1. Why are we doing this research project:

This research project is to help improve the activities and animations included as part of an activity pack to teach children in KS2 how the body moves.

2. Why have you been asked to take part?

You have been asked to take part because you are in KS2 of school and these videos and activities are aimed at children your age.

3. What would taking part involve?

You will be asked a couple of questions then watch a video and do an activity. After, you will be asked a couple more questions about the activities and animation. It will take less than 30 minutes. The topic for the animations and activities is "Levers". 

To be able to take part in the activities you will need a few items. This includes:

  • A ruler (30cm long is best)
  • Chocolate buttons or coins or buttons (you need at least 3 of the same size)
  • A bulldog clip or a pencil
  • A partner
  • Two empty carrier bag
  • 4 tins of food

4.  Who will have access to the information that I provide?

Any information that you give in the study we won’t be able to link to who said it. This is because you will not give any personal details or name. The information will be used to guide the direction of the project. 

5. Who has reviewed the project?

This project has been given a favourable opinion by the University of Bath, Research Ethics Approval Committee for Health (REACH) [reference: EP 20/21 024].

6. How can I stop taking part in the project after it has started?

If you agree to take part and later change your mind, that is absolutely fine. No one will mind. Tell your parent that you no longer wish to take part. Your parent/guardian will exit the online questionnaire and no information will be stored.

Once you have completed the study it is not possible to change your mind as all responses are anonymous. 

7. If I require further information who should I contact and how?

You can contact Georgina Beardsmore at the University of Bath who will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Please do also talk to your parent/guardian about your decision whether to take part in the project.

Name of Researcher: Georgina Beardsmore

Contact details of Researcher:

Name of Supervisor: Sabina Gheduzzi    

Contact details of Supervisor:



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